May 13, 2008

Nacionalni parlamenti pripremaju se za EU

Pripremajući se za svoju novu ulogu u nadzoru supsidijarnosti propisanu Lisabonskim ugovorom, nacionalni parlamenti pokreću inicijative za promjenu nacionalnih propisa.

The French Parliament has changed the Constitution to enshrine the subsidiarity mechanisms. The Finnish Eduskunta will add a specific procedure for subsidiarity in its Rules of Procedure. The Belgian Chambre des representants has changed its rules as well and reinforced its staff with three new members. The Hellenic Parliament has established a working group to come up with proposals. Meanwhile in Spain, the EU Joint Committee for EU affairs has tabled a series of measures to prepare not only the parliament, but also, more broadly, to finetune its relations with the government, which in some cases might conflict with the opinion of the chambers.

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