Dec 21, 2008

Could this be a solution?

After having seen the direction in which the so-called "national interest" is heading, let me suggest an alternative way how to get out of the Slovenian-Croatian meta-dispute.
  1. Slovenia should immediately unblock the negotiating chapters;
  2. A panel of three wise men should be appointed to decide on the method of solving the dispute
  3. The panel would be appointed in the following way. Slovenia and Croatia should agree to nominate one person of undisputed credibility to the panel, who shall not be a citizen or resident of either Slovenia or Croatia. The two shall agree, by mutual consent about the third member;
  4. The panel of Three Wise Men should decide before which international court, tribunal, arbitration or other dispute solving mechanism should the dispute be brought;
  5. Slovenia and Croatia should commit to accept, legally and politically, the decision of both, Three Wise Men and of the tribunal of their choice.


mr. V said...

How can this be a solution, since the two parties are disputing over the very object of the dispute (Slo wants to include the land border, Cro refuses and claims that only the sea boundaries are disputed)

Luka Jerinic said...[tt_news]=27471&tx_ttnews[backPid]=38&cHash=76290f6dcb

Mr. Rehn, allegedly, also thinks this might be the solution...